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Azo-Grout Product Data Sheets (PDS) English
Water cut-off | Azo-Grout™ 125 PDF
200 Series | Hairline cracks and structural repair |
Azo-Grout™ 200 series products are nontoxic, solvent-free, two-component, polyurethane systems that cure to a solid elastomer. These elastomers are suitable for the structural repair of cracks in concrete, while preventing water seepage and corrosion.
• Azo-Grout™ 222 - Used for moving structures | PDF
• Azo-Grout™ 224 - Dense solid when structural crack repair is needed | PDF
• Azo-Grout™ 226 - Anchoring resin in concrete, masonry and fractured rock locations | PDF
Water cut-off | Azo-Grout™ 424 PDF
Azo-Grout™ 424, our most versatile product for the majority of water cut-off challenges, is a hydrophobic polyurethane that forms a resilient, flexible foam when reacted with water. Azo-Grout™ 424 is approved for contact with potable water. (Water Quality Association)
*Use with Azo-Cat™ 25 to accelerate reaction time.
Water cut-off | Azo-Grout™ 425 PDF
Soil stabilization | Azo-Grout™ 443 PDF
Azo-Grout™ 443 is a low viscosity, polyurethane grout that is used in all types of soils to prevent erosion by forming a rock-like mass that provides structure and stabilization.
*Use with Azo-Cat™ 25 to accelerate reaction time.
Underground waterstop | Azo-Grout™ 458 PDF
Azo-Grout™ 458 is a hydrophobic polyurethane that forms a semi-rigid foam when reacted with water, providing a watertight seal.
*Use with Azo-Cat™ 26 to accelerate reaction time.
Void filling and slab lifting | Azo-Grout™ 551 PDF
Azo-Grout™ 551 is a two-component, hydrophobic polyurethane that forms a very dense, rigid foam when reacted with Azo-Nate™ 300.
The ability to expand, while keeping closed-cell characteristics makes Azo-Grout™ 551 an excellent applicant for underground void filling and slab lifting of floors, roadways and sidewalks.

Azo-Grout™ 552 PDF
Azo-Grout™ 553 PDF
Azo-Grout™ 526 PDF
Crack and joint sealing for use in sewers and manholes | Azo-Grout™ 675 PDF(Water Quality Association)
Azo-Grout™ 675 is a single-component, hydrophilic polyurethane that cures in areas where water is constantly present. Depending on the amount of water in the mixture, Azo-Grout™ 675 will vary in consistency from a resilient, rubber-like foam to a flexible gel.
Azo-Grout™ 675 cartridgePDF
Azo-Grout 695 | PDF
Permanent hydrophilic waterstop
Azo-Grout™ MP2 PDF

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