Application and uses

2arrowblueWater cut-off | Azo-Grout™ 424
2arrowblueSoil stabilization | Azo-Grout™ 443
2arrowblueVoid filling and slab lifting | Azo-Grout™ 551
2arrowblueCrack and joint sealing in sewers and manholes | Azo-Grout™ 675
2arrowblueUnderground waterstop | Azo-Grout™ 458
2arrowblueHairline cracks and structural repair series 200:
    Azo-Grout™ 222Azo-Grout™ 224Azo-Grout™ 226

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Specifications, technical bulletins, case studies

Title, Division number
Methods and uses
Soil Stabilization 31 32 00 (DOC)Stabilization in shoring excavations, ground and soil
Concrete Raising 31 43 00 (DOC)Void filling and slab lifting
Waterstops 03 15 13 (DOC)Water cut-off, especially underground repairs
Maintenance of Concrete 03 01 00 (DOC)Hairline cracks and structural repair
 Technical bulletins
Crack injection – Technical bulletin 1 (PDF)Pump injection method
Case studies

CS #1 – Fort Smith Intake Tower (PDF)

Plugging reservoir leaks

CS #2 – Goreway Station power plant (PDF)

Stopping leaks in a power station

CS #3 – Mississauga Public Works (PDF)

Water transport tunnel leak and infiltration repair