Equipment and accessories

Injection pumps, cartridge guns, injection ports and packers

Azo-Grout™ commercial pump

• Easy to carry to remote commercial job sites

• Allows higher pressure than the drill pump

• Less complicated to operate than similar commercial pumps

• Convenient trigger-action injection gun

• Improved disconnect for servicing


Equipment and accessories brochure (PDF)
Part no. VX5100

Lightweight drill pump

• For residential and light commercial applications

• Portable<

• Easy maintenance


Equipment and accessories brochure (PDF)
Part no. 079-20000
Azo-Grout™ cartridge starter kit

The kit includes:

• A dual-cartridge dispensing gun

• Three Azo-Grout™ 425 dual cartridges

• Nozzles, patch material, instructions and more


Starter kit instructions (PDF)
Part no. 079-20000