Injection equipment and accessories

Injection pumps, cartridge guns, injection ports and packers
Azo-Grout™ - commercial pumps
• Easy to carry to remote commercial job sites
• Allows higher pressure than the drill pump
• Less complicated to operate than similar commercial pumps
• Convenient trigger-action injection gun
• Improved disconnect for servicing

Video of deep excavation and soil stabilization using pumps and injection grouting

Injection equipment and manual guns (PDF)

Azo-Grout™ cartridge dispensers
• Light weight
• Economical for small projects
• Hand operated—180 psi


Injection equipment and manual guns (PDF)

Injection ports
• Bak-Stop™
• Plastic port/zerk
• Brass packers
• Mechanical packers


Injection ports brochure (PDF)

Azo-Grout™ cartridge kit
The kit includes:
• A dual-cartridge dispensing gun
• Three Azo-Grout™ 425 dual cartridges, Bak-Stop™ injection ports
• Nozzles, patch material, instructions and more

Call and request part no. 079-20000
Watch concrete basement wall repair video

Cartridge kit instructions (PDF)

Application videos

Azo-Grout™ concrete crack repair kit

Everything you will need for repairing cracks in interior or exterior concrete structures is included in the kit!

Injection grouting and soil stabilization in a deep excavation

Drilling injection holes, installing packers and injecting Azo-Grout™ in a leaking caisson wall.
Material reacts to effectively stop water flow to shore up foundation.
Product: Azo-Grout™ 675

Sealing crack in precast joint

Waterstop reaction in high water flow manhole situation
Observe the high pressure leak and the injection of the Azo-Grout material as it completely stops the water flow under extreme conditions.
Product: Azo-Grout™ 443-C