Technical bulletins


The information found here is intended to help you with crack injection application methods and how to evaluate Azo-Grout™ products when exposed to various chemicals.

Azon has been manufacturing Azo-Grout for over twenty years, and that experience has allowed us to gain knowledge for tackling even the most difficult projects:

  • safe dependable, easy-to-use, formulated products
  • proper injection methods and equipment
  • availability to expert, technical resources


Technical bulletin 1 thumb

Crack injection application method

Guidelines for achieving the proper application, site and material application

Proper site preparation and sufficient reaction of Azo-Grout depends of how the materials is applied
to allow a satisfactory ratio to be obtained for maximum effectiveness. Technical bulletin 1 | Crack injection (PDF 256 KB) 


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Azo-Grout™ product chemical resistance

A general guide

The list represents the general effect of exposure to various materials and chemicals at room temperature including: Soaps, motor or other industrial oil, gasoline and various acids,  Technical bulletin 2 | Chemcial resistance (PDF 481KB)